The contents of this may be NSFW / not safe for work / explicit. Most of it isn't, but proceed at your own risk.

Also, the filenames are named randomly and terribly. For this reason, I have hidden some folders, but please keep that in mind if you still do see filenames like those. Sorry if you cringe.

Most of this is disorganized and well, and it gets REALLY disorganized around October 22nd, 2016. Keep that in mind. This isn't perfect at all.

Other than that, enjoy my personal Miiverse archive.

What's with the filing?

Go into a folder to see the "organization" I attempted.
I only did it for running individual scripts on pages, sorry. Look into profiles-new to see information about that.

Index of /Aarch/miiverse/

Profiles-new/                                      10-Jan-2017 20:12                   -
pre-sep-oct-2016/                                  04-Jan-2017 22:57                   -